Sunday, November 29, 2009

New Standing Desk

I've stopped using a chair in my office for over three months now. I've been standing to work instead. The first week was hell, but after that I got used to it. I started the experiment by placing a piece of old countertop on top of a cardboard box on top of my desk. Once I found a height I was comfortable with, I decided to invest in new furniture. Last weekend we drove to Ikea near Detroit and I bought the pieces to put together my new setup.


Roo said...

I've been using a standing desk for over a year @ work. Lower back problems got me started, but now while I still have some back issues - nothing as terrible as they were.

The best setup is something variable, don't stand 100% of the time (but don't sit 100% either).

Virginia Wieringa said...

Very clever!

tony wu said...

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